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An adjective form of the word "douchebag" used usually in a derogatory sense. Mostly used towards a noun or verb.
"That guy was quite douchebaggish" or "He didn't have to be so douchebaggish."
by Stefan Spohr November 30, 2006
9 0
Of or pertaining to a douchebag or douchebaggery
Calling the cops on our party was very douchebaggish of our neighbors.
by Hernest Emmingway May 23, 2007
3 1
Adjective: a discriptor that implies one is acting "like a douch-bag".
"Dude, don't be douchebaggish. Just flush the toilet, is all I'm saying."
by oneforyou January 24, 2010
4 3
Pathetically arrogant.
That dude with the big truck (and the small penis)just cut me off and then gave ME the look. That was totally douche baggish.
by Thora October 18, 2006
4 3