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One who is very small in physical stature but makes up for it by being an extreme douchebag
Guy #1: " So I walked up to this midget-"
Guy #2: " Excuse me... They prefer to be called Little People"
Guy #1: " Why the fuck does it matter? Well anyway... I walked up to this 'Little Person' and patted him on the head and called him A Nice Little Fart-Breather. That little shit stain reached up and punched me in the gonads!"
Guy #2: " What a fuckin Douche Baggie!!!"
by studmuffin5445 December 16, 2008
someone who isnt quite douchebaggish enough to be called a douchebag but partakes in enough douchebaggery to be a called a little bit of a douche.
John: hey when did eric decide to start acting like a douchebag?
Michael: last week
John: what a little douchebaggie.
by missbossybooty July 03, 2009
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