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Someone who spends $200 on a pair of jeans (not to be confused with someone who buys a $200 computer graphics card).
"You bought those for how much? You're a douche bag fag."
by He of One Letter May 21, 2009
a gay male, who can't love another boy, because hes too "busy" and he probably doesn't want to accept the fact that he is a fag. As a result of these douche bag fags, awesome people end up getting hurt in the end
Joesph: oo i cant come see you today, im uhh busy
Patrick: uhh its been like 3 weeks since you've come out
Joseph: Well i wanna get a tattoo of Michigan on my non-existent abs
Patrick: What a douche bag fag, i'm calling kyle
by Brennycakes June 09, 2008
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