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A distinct odor and or aroma that is used to mask the true level of doucheness of a person. The proper context of the term Douche & Gabbanna is often misused because it does not define nor should it be an attribute of a person or persons. Douche & Gabbanna may also be used in conjunction with additional "Douche" tags depending on the situtation. In addition, in certain geographic regions the Douche & Gabbanna scent is used to induce urination with rabits
Brian says, "does anyone smell the Douche & Gabbanna"? Scott says, "I sure as shit do, its that douchebagel Dan". He must have spent the night with his douchewhore Linda"

"Hey Kattie, just walked by the shitter and noticed you dropped a douchelog". Katie then would say, "are you sure you are not smelling the Douche & Cabbanna that Kevin is wearing today?
by Westernstars May 22, 2008

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