A heart attack between two buns
Guy- Hello... hmmm I'd like to order a Double Quarter Pounder with fries and a large drink.

*1 hour later*

Guy- Where am I

Doctor- The emergency room
by Bishu Bear December 30, 2011
Top Definition
The best bloody burger ever made. You can buy it from McDonalds. At the bottom is bread, then cheese, then beef, more cheese, more beef, more cheese, pickles, onions, tomato sauce, mustard and then bread. Just reading this should make your mouth water.
Bob: Can i have a medium double quarter pounder meal with a coke as the drink ?
McDonald's Employee: Sure, that comes to $8.45
Bob: Thanks mate
by Maccasaddict November 24, 2009
a girls ass that is large
wow i wouldnt mind sticking my chicken mc.nugget in between her double quarter-pounder
by my boy paulie January 02, 2007

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