In terms of gaming - A Double O is a gamer that isn't clasified as a n00b in terms of skill yet acts like a n00b.
Pro Gamer 1 - Yo! Stop shooting me! I'm on your team!

Pro Gamer 2 - There was no one else around to kill so I killed you! Ha Ha!

Pro Gamer 1 - Stop being a Double O!
by dre38w June 19, 2008
Top Definition
slang for Ohio. (two O's in Ohio)
"In the Double O got our own accent"

Kid Cudi- "Cleveland is the Reason"
by Kickdruuuumms May 12, 2009
A close examination or inspection;
Aclose examination with both eyes.

_______ \\\\\\///// ________
----->> ](o)_^_(o) <<-----
-----------________ -------
The addicts were arrested after their house was given the double-O.
by Aswala July 06, 2006
1. Stl slang refering to a pack of kools, or specifically the interlocking "oo" on a pack of kools
1. sup man, can I bum a double-o
A kool man.
Oh, sure
by Ibillin October 12, 2007
In the manner of Bond - James Bond, in reference to his heightened abilities in the fields of suaveness, je ne sais quoi and general smoothness. Used as an adjective as in 'That car is double o'
'Do you like my new sound system?'
'Yeah man, double o.'

'What did you think of that band?'
'Double o.'
by SusieQ June 23, 2005
A Double O is when the Clit and the G-spot is stimulated at the same time giving the girl an incredible orgasm.
I gave Rayneesha a Double O and she wont stop bagging me for more!
by Ratpimp April 14, 2008
Double O: To put a man's sack into a woman's mouth. Two OO's look like a pair of balls hence "Double O"

Can be found in a VERY good (Blazed) song called "Cleveland" by Kid Cudi. ;)
by Tripdemon April 20, 2009
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