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Pushing two couches together in order to maximize comfort, warmth, and general awesomeness. DC-ing is the ultimate form of lazing about with friends. Generally used in coed settings in recent years, the double couch has been introduced into single-sex environments with moderate success. Guys accused by peers of being "gay" have generally defended the double couch by explaining just how comfortable and warm it is.
After that rager all anyone wanted to do was have a good old double couch sesh and relax.
by Stubbleburn June 26, 2011
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A couch, stacked on top of a couch with cup holders and even a mini refrigerator.
Jeff : *sitting on the top of the double couch* *takes a sip of the soda and sets it back into the cup holder* *takes a jar of pickles out of the mini refrigerator*

by Taco_Guru May 15, 2014
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