In MMORPGs and other games, dotting is the act of inflicting a Damage over Time (DoT) spell or ability on another entity. As the name suggests, DoT abilities deal their total potential damage over a period of time rather than as an instant but non-persistent attack.
1. I managed to shank that bastard Gnome, but he'd just dotted me so we both died.

2. Dotting someone is ~70% less manly than skull-crushing them with a giant mace.
by Filthy Rogue September 22, 2007
Top Definition
To hit on, spit game, focus your attention on one person in particular.
"Look at him, dotting on that one chick with the lazy eye the whole night. He must be desperate."
by mmeeeeooooowwww April 30, 2010
The act of using a dot (full stop) as an opening line when chatting up an attractive female.

The method is performed on social messaging sites such as Facebook, and is then used as a way of starting a conversation when the 'dotter' sees the 'dottee' in the flesh.

The aim is to reach the magic number of 6 dots, which signifies that a girl will most probably accept your advances.
You find a suitable 'dottee' and begin Dotting...

Dotter - "."
Dottee - "?"
Dotter - "."
Dottee - ".."
Dotter - "..."
Dottee - "...."
Dotter - "....."
Dottee - "......"
Dotter - "you're game."
by DotKing. March 25, 2011
1. Refers to the act of female masturbation.
2. Refers to fingering a female
"She told me she dotted herself last night while thinking of me" or "dude your mother is in the other room totally dotting herself over me right now" or "i've really been loving porn where the bitches dot themselves" or in it's second meaning "i totally dotted this bitch on the weekend"
by hiffl-kajiffl November 06, 2011
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