dieing on the inside
My boyfriend broke up with me and I'm feeling really d.o.t.i. right now.
by Rose623 April 26, 2012
Top Definition
An idiot!

A clueless person.
You are a dotis!!

You dotis!


by PONPONPON August 29, 2007
. . . death on the ice . . .
if your not to busy having soti or being forced into roti or groti, and are very bored just die! DOTI!
(Doh-tee) acronym for Day On The Internet
"Its been a fine Doti ".
Also: Yoti (year on), Hoti (hour on). "Forgot to bring my iPhone to the meeting, lost an entire Hoti"
by rzaragoza December 12, 2008
A three ringed (poisonous) catepillar that is enveloped by a jello covered caccoon after 8 months of sexual in-activity. If the catepillar comes within sexual contact of the opposite gender of dotis, it will combust into confetti after 48 hours of the sexual contact.
Garrett and Jacob saw an albino dotis the other day while going on a bear hunt.
by TheOzzMan February 20, 2012
do it
who cares just doti!!!
by wasabehbaybee September 10, 2003
The small area between the testicles and the anus.
Bob has a hairy Dotis.
by mike March 31, 2003
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