(heard on the sarah silverman program)when something is so obvious it's like having a dot on your nose. Written all over your face
When I saw the toilet paper on my shoe i felt so dot nose. I can see the chocolate around your lips this is a dot nose situation
by saryah December 11, 2008
Top Definition
Very apparent, something that is obvious but unseen or unnoticed by someone. Something that seemingly everyone knows with an exception of one person. (As first heard on "The Sarah Silverman Program")
That's totally DotNose of her, I mean it's right there in black and white.
by Jar o' Green December 07, 2008
(adj.) the state of being oblivious to something that is obvious to everyone else
"You are so dotnose that you don't even realize that you have a dot on your nose."
by tangofox December 08, 2008
extremely obvious, incredibly apparent.
Steve: Can you help me? I can't find the definition of this word.
Brian: That's sounds like a very dot nose situation to me.
Stev: What?
Brian: Oh, I'm just saying that it's extremely obvious what you should do if you can't find the definition of a word.
by Harry W. December 08, 2008
Slang for when something is super obvious,
or written all over your face.

Also when something is very obvious to the surrounding people while that person is oblivious, that person can be called a dotnose.

This word is also VERY offensive to black people.
"This is a total dotnose sitiation"

"You're being a real dotnose John"
by Amyyy! December 07, 2008
A moron totally oblivious to a current happening or situation. Or having a dot on your nose and not knowing about it.
"Steve, your being a real dot nose right now"
"Real funny Brian!"
"no, you have a dot, on your nose"
by Redfoxx December 14, 2008
Originally from the Sarah Silverman program. Said when something is so obvious that it's right in front of them but they still won't get it... Derived from when Steve had a dot on his nose and he didn't notice it
You have a dot on your nose. You cant get any more dot-nose than that!
by Anonymous234525663 December 08, 2008
When something is really obvious, and one person doesn't get it.
Ughh why won't she leave, she's totally being a dot-nose.
by PeaCon December 08, 2008
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