1. One of the most clueless, non-smart people in the world, His unexplainable actions and obsession with running is unparalleled.

2. Penis. See Synonyms: Peter, John.
"Dossin just shit his pants"

"Just grab my Dossin once, please?"
by anomaly December 07, 2003
Top Definition
To hang around or slack off somewhere.

Usually applied to described children, youths, kids, or chavs

Similar to 'loitering'
"The kids were dossin outside the shops"
by Chris-H June 01, 2009
The best.
Can also mean awesome or very good

Used in a positive way to describe a good time, act, chick etc.
That was such a dossin' night!
by Dosman July 12, 2011
escaping quickly, to 'breeze' out
"man dossed out of da shop"
by ergreh November 20, 2003
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