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(n.) One who eats acid (doses) on a regular basis.
"Dude, that kid looks like he's wiggin' out.. Someone should talk him down."

"Nah, I've seen him a lot worse than that. He's a true doser, he'll pull through."

"Bro, you sure?"

"Yeah, man. I mean, give it a shot if you wanna, but I seriously doubt he'd understand anything you say, anyways, ya dig?"

"I feel ya, man. I'll just keep an eye on him."
by Madd_Doser February 14, 2010
a furious but sexy and not to mention, a tagger that smokes weed that has a extremely large cock with a big head on the tip of its penis
doser has a big fucking dick

wow dont fuck with that doser
by kush head February 23, 2009
A dork and a loser combined.
Wow you're a big doser.
by Laurennnn June 26, 2008
cross between a loser and a dork
you're a doser.

don't be a doser. gawd.
by bobo420 May 01, 2007
Alternatively, a noun used describe one who slings insights that are pithy, witty, urbane and only slightly smutty.
by Anonymous August 19, 2003
I dork and a loser put together
I am a doser for messing up your project
by heather February 25, 2004