A purple creature that will sometimes make its rounds in the malaysian forests of Timbuktoo.
Do not feed the Dorothy
by Dorothy March 02, 2005
girl vs girl domination, as related to sports or competition; origin: dorothy from "golden girls"
"that 1v1 was absolute dorothy"

"you dorothied her around"
by hecklebod November 08, 2006
A girl from the state of Kansas.
Player 1: "Hey, dude, did you hook up with that dorothy last night?"

Player 2:"Hell yeah."
by chmcarro April 23, 2006
1. A young woman who has the ambition to take on sexually a lion, a scarecrow, AND a tinman in a universal movie, The Wizard of Oz.

2. A girl who prefers sex with either a lion, tiger or bear rather than a man.
Person 1: Man, I had no idea she was into beastiality!

Person 2: Yeah, what a dorothy.
by soundbounder June 16, 2008
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