A gorgeous girl nicknamed Dottie, Toto, or sometimes Jottie Poo, whatever that means. It's always appropriate to make a Wizard of Oz joke around Dorothy. She's a girl that will always laugh and smile. A smile that can brighten anyone's day. She's incredibly smart as well. She's a great singer, musician, and friend.
"Hey Dorothy, wanna go see the wizard?"
by ZombifiedNarwhals June 07, 2014
A lady of intelligence and very friendly.She is shy at times around her new environment but when you to know her well she is the most amazing person you would want to spend time with.She also falls in love very quickly and has a soft heart and tender heart which can get hurt very easily and can also forgive
Dorothy is dazzling light in my life , she also is a blessing in her life
by PePeRi June 30, 2015
Is nothing like the girl from the wizard of oz. Extremely gorgeous, has braces, loves to eat and has the hotest boyfriend at her school. Is usually a nice person, untill you set her off it can get ugly! Great in bed, she knows her stuff :) Has a big butt. Doesn't tolarate guys that treat her wrong.
Did you get in Dorothy's pants last night?
Who hasn't?
by poopoo18892661 November 11, 2008
to pick up people along the way as does Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.
Him: We have reservation for four at Topolobampo, but Debbie backed out because she wanted to hang with her boyfriend that night.

Me: Don't worry, there are a lot of people around that night -- keep the reservation as is. I am sure we can Dorothy it.
by elhaines April 20, 2011
total bad ass girl whos name might set off a different appeal, but when you see her you’ll shit bricks in your pants. She usually hangs out with her own group and won't look your way until you gain her friendship. For that, you have to make the effort because she won't. She might be scary on the outside but in a way that it's sexy. Whenever you go shopping with her she tends to drag you to Hot Topic or Forever 21 and then after a good break down of searching for studded belts or spiked bracelets, you most likely head back to your house and blast rock music like Escape the Fate or Senses Fail from your speakers while doing your hair and makeup together. Her and her girl friends spend a lot of their time hunting down boys with long straightened hair and face piercings. Dorothy is one of the best people you can meet. Appearance might make you poop but she's funny and nice and dangerously cool, not to mention one of my best friends :)
Henry, a loser at school: Hey dorothy i was wondering if-

Dorothy: fuck off before i eat your soul from the inside and send your body to the demons to feed on

Henry, a loser at school: -shits pants and runs off-
by xDaisyDisasterx November 13, 2010
When you and someone else make like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, and knock boots three times.
"Eh, bro. How'd it go with that chick last night?"
"It went great... I Dorothy'd that bitch."
by Grey Ferns June 19, 2012
A lovely lady who is always very giving and selfless except with the pennysaver. She sometimes sounds like a bird. At times she can become very confused over subjects which are normally easy to understand.
why don't you understand this, your being such a dorothy!
by crys311rules May 15, 2010
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