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A sudden and intense feeling of wanting to go home.
When she saw her ex at the party kissing someone else, she had a Dorothy moment.

When the groom stood up to toast his new bride, he had a Dorothy moment.
by Bunny B March 22, 2010
The feeling of being homesick or missing home, or arriving home after a period of absence. As Dorothy experienced in her trip to Oz in the classic The Wizard of Oz.

Can also describe any encounter with a tornado, witch, munchkin, scarecrow, tinman, cowardly lion, flying monkey, or man behind the curtain.

The feeling of waking up after a halucination in technicolour and realizing that you are not in Kansas anymore.
Example 1
"Hey man, did you see that tornado take away that girl's house?"

"That's a Dorothy Moment!"

Example 2
"Last night was crazy. I saw things that I never knew existed."

"I know right! That trip was intense. Where are we?"


"Oh? We aren't in Kansas anymore?"

"That's a Dorothy Moment!"
by purpleprincess August 05, 2014
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