Noun. An orgasm over something exceptionally and unequivocally nerdy, including but not limited to:
a.) graphing an interesting function on your graphing calculator.
b.) Laughing too heartily at a chemistry joke.
c.) Getting a discrete mathematics problem correct on the first try.
Ben basically had a dorkgasm when he spotted Perseus in the night sky. It was awkward for everyone.
by Cartwheel November 15, 2011
Top Definition
See nerdgasm

To over-react to something nerdy; a video game release, a new movie with a hot female celebrity envolved, etc.
"That Ninentdo Wii thing really started a dorkgasm on the Vestibule."

P1"Dude, that girl is sooooo hot. I can't wait to see Scary Movie 4!"
P2"Have a dorkgasm over it at your own house!"
by Torgo Rouzdouer April 27, 2006
outside of porno and hentai, it's the closest thing to a true orgasm geeks, nerds, etc will experience, occuring when they are exposed to information or ideas pertaining to their favorite subjects (includes games, anime, etc...)
(Example of a partner-induced dorkgasm)
Geek: Pixar should join up with Studio Ghibli!
Nerd: ...Ooh!
Geek: Dude, what was that?
Nerd: I just got a... dorkgasm!

(Example of a self-induced dorkgasm)
Loser: I love Trigun and I want to make a Warcraft III map out of it.

Examples of information-induced dorkgasms can be found at places like and
by Garnet Red February 16, 2004
When a person is exposed to nerdiness for hours at a time then cums his pants at the height of the nerdy action
dude eugene had a total dorkgasm when he saw star trek
by yourmomsuckedmydick December 11, 2010
The act of nerd obsessivly masturbating over a peice of technology they want.
Guy1 "dude did you see that HD camera?"
Guy2 "Hellz ya I got a dorkgasm over it!"
by RobScheflo October 26, 2007
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