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Dork is a derogatory term for someone with few social skills, usually interested in nerdy activities and immediately makes a poor impression through their lack of social aptitude.

NOT a nerd, though one can be a dork and a nerd. A dork would be a nerd who is immediately and obviously not a social person.

NOT a geek, who enjoys the same activies as a nerd but posseses standard or above social skills. Geek and dork are mutally exclusive.
"Look at that guy with the braces and the laptop. He's such a dork." -Prep

"I could tell before I talked to him, that guy was seriously DORK." -Someone observant

"Even the geeks won't socialise with that dork, he's so laaame" -Typical Chavette
by Danny Moules October 20, 2005
14 23
1) An overly obsessive nature that causes social ineptitude i.e.: Star wars Dork, Car Dork, Computer Dork; 2) Someone who has there own unique sense of humor, fashion, and social awareness; 3) A way to insult cool people; 4) The male whale reproductive organ.
1) That E3 convention is for game dorks. 2) This orange haired girl who never stops laughing at baby fetuses is a complete dork. 3) (So and so socialite, famous person works too), you dork. 4) That whale's dork needs its own zip code.
by Gun Dork May 30, 2005
29 38
Dork was orignally (old 20th century slang term) meant as a reference to a penis. It has since come to mean a nerd.
Rats! I got my dork caught in my zipper!

He's such a dork! His glasses are held together with duct tape!
by Smokey March 03, 2005
14 23
a kid that sits in tub and farts and then tries to bite the bubbles
you see that kid is a real dork
by the man December 07, 2004
23 32
A person who acts silly or weird, usually in an annoying or obnoxious manner. Dorks often bother people around them, making them unpopular.
That guy keeps telling annoying jokes and picking his nose in class. He's such a dork.
by wordpusher September 08, 2004
13 22
Someone who acts extremely immature either because they seek attention, to have fun, or because they don't care what others think of them.
Dorks are so annoying.
by Dan June 25, 2004
16 25
About 1950, we considered a dork to be a person who sits in the bath tub blowing farts, and then tries to pop them.
Billy, you are a dork (now picture a skinny little nine year old sitting in the tub popping his ...)
by Little Richard June 04, 2003
26 35