Someone who is too far ahead of or too far behind the times. Someone who has a preoccupation with something that others don't care much about.
a dork is someone who wears high socks with sneakers and shorts with pasty white sunscreen on their face and a wide-brim sunhat.
by Yobi September 17, 2015
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Is a person who shows traits of AWESOMENESS and extreme KEWLNESS .
Guy- If I cut my hair I will get a girlfriend, I just know G
Girl -Your such a dork.
by truestandork March 06, 2015
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Someone who is stupid and has no friends. Often confused with nerd and geek, a dork is someone who is not only stupid but is very lonely and friendless.

Don't be mean to dorks
Poor Stefan, that guy is a dork, we should be his friends
by trangset May 28, 2012
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A masculine being that imitates the life and/ or lifestyle of other beings; may also threaten the being who's being imitated's life and/ or lifestyle mentally, verbally, and/ or physically if that being has shown any sign that he or she has any will, want, desire, need, and/ or etc. to continue living and/ or to proceed with the lifestyle being imitated.
"Paul is such a dork, Gene..!," Sheila exclaimed. "Do you think he's still crazy about his ex- girlfriend, or the fact that his ex- girlfriend dumped him like Blackstreet baggin' it up like a trash truck.?! He's been threatening her new man with shovels and axes about their relationship, claiming "That's the way I live..!" and "LET THAT BE MEEE..!!!" I think they oughta' call downtown and get LAPD.!! What do you think?!"
by Oloj' 'Dre December 30, 2011
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Someone who wastes vast amounts of time explaining the subtle (and irrelevant) differences between dork, geek, nerd, and anything else they have been labeled so they can feel slightly better about themselves.
This page is FULL of dorks.
by Garm Bel Iblis March 16, 2006
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Someone that, no matter how many disses they get from people in this room making definitions of them, are actually getting more chicks then everyone these days. And let's face it people, we're all dorks inside. We all want to be ourselves but we can't. But it seems like we don't even know what to consider a dork nowadays. So let's just call all the losers nerds or geeks...or better yet losers.
Jock #1: Dude, we can't let those dork fags take our girls. It's like a freaking dork revolution!

Jock #2: I know man. We can't let them. So let's just continue to get other chicks who are hotter and make them jealous.

Cool Jock: Like who else? All the actually hot and cool chicks are gone. I mean, their's always a couple of really hot chicks but they're all sluts/ dumbasses/ so not fun...

Random Faggish kid whose popular because of a corrupted society: Fuck that shit dude...i just wanna get wasted again

Cool Jock: You do that....I'm gonna go hang out with some of those dudes.

All the jocks: But they're like....

Cool Jock: Cool and not corrupted and really dumbasses like most of us? I know. Later.
by Xtreme Chri$$ March 31, 2005
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A person that, while bathing in a bathtub, farts and then either bites at or pops the resulting bubbles. I personally first heard this definition in the early 70s.
(bathroom door opens, howl of anguish, door slams) Mister, your wife's a DORK! I mean an ACTUAL DORK!
by Anonymus Bosch April 04, 2006
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