Did you seriously just look up dork? You are a dork go looking this up!
I can't get over why you would look up dork. Just look in the mirror.
by DaBossBro128 January 01, 2016
A person who involves themselves in geeky/nerdy activities very seldom and admires geeky/nerdy people, but isn't a geek or nerd themselves.
I have a dorky friend who comes to conventions with me every few years... but I'm a nerd, so I go every year and find every comic con, anime con, you name it. I'm there. But not dorks.. dorks don't do that.. dorks are posers who like to pretend their nerdy and geeky.
by ViscountDevil July 04, 2015
another name for- dick, penis, pecker
When I was young, I played with my dork!

Used this way in film "Heavy Metal" 1981
by samiam6977 January 17, 2009
A closet nerd. A nerd, who appears and acts normal under most circumstances.
Wow, I never knew he was such a dork!
by Spiffyjr May 02, 2004
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