A word that can mean love..or you really like that person; a way to show affection for someone
I dork you!
by chicka chicka boom December 27, 2008
a nickname for some1 who kisses really well
he is such a dork. i could kiss him all night
by summer_rain March 25, 2006
noun - you; your friends.
Go find a mirror, dork. Better yet, turn off your computer and go get a life.
by atwavirus August 21, 2005
Someone who tries to prove he or she is above others; but comes accros as foolish
mike said "I make the best omelettes,I know because I only eat the ones I make,I never tasted any made by anyone else" and Paula told him "if you really believe that, you are a dork."
by LatitudeHOT June 01, 2006
A person who has all the bad qualities of a nerd or a geek, but without their good qualities (solving Bessel equations for fun, programming in assembly language, writing device drivers for a toaster or making loads of money) - he just looks and acts like an idiot, has no social skills, can't get laid and has big glasses. A nerd sits behind his computer doing something that requires brains, while a dork just surfs the porn websites and chats with other dorks on some web forum. A geek or a nerd looks like a dumb ass but in fact has Mensa IQ, while a dork looks like a dumb ass because he is. A dork is, almost without exception, someone's bitch, he's unable to have sex so he usually dies a virgin, and thus seldom harms the human gene pool. Dorks sometimes try to associate with geeks and nerds and act like them, but they are sort of a joke. They also try acting as if their condition is a matter of choice, ie. they don't have sex because they are into celibacy, they are out of shape because they're too intellectual to exercise, people don't understand what they're saying because they're so smart (and not because they are unable to form coherent sentences) etc.
Here's that stupid dork again.
Hey dork, you're not too smart to play basketball, you're too dumb to throw a ball.
Beavis and Butthead are dorks.
Eric Cartman is a dork.
Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail) is a dork.
by danijel March 19, 2007
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