a geek without the money, passion, intelgence, pride, and true knowledge yet still withdrawn, obessive and all the stuff geeks are tring to escape.
Jordan is a total dork, lack I not.
by andy November 18, 2003
a complete and total weirdly obsessive creature who is not funny.
Tony Rousmaniere is the epitomy of the word dork.
by sister December 03, 2004
a dork is someone that people consider to be:
a. nerdy
b. smart
c. unattractive
"You got an A on that test, gosh you're such a dork!"
by Amanda P. May 19, 2004
a person who is dedicated to living authentically, rather that from the ego
tara is such a dork! she just doesn't care what anyone thinks.
by taralina July 14, 2003
that loser sitting in the front of everything, class, bus, etc... with 10cm thick glasses, thick hair, and pimples like volcanoes
look at that dork over there with that book on how to read
by maz November 02, 2003
Yes, the person who is a smartass know-it-all, a dork has huge Harry Potter glasses and such.
The leader of the chess club is a dork.
by isisj October 18, 2004
Basically what we all are but tend to try to cover it up through high school for some damn reason. Also an affectionate term.
I am an unquestionable dork. But I kick ass.
by This Guy November 17, 2003

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