1. Someone who does silly things, but the things they do are usually stupid, funny, or cute.
2. A whale's penis.
Dork (11:11:11 PM): OMG!! its 111111!!!
Person (11:11:19 PM): Haha. You dork. :]

I'm not going to make an example for this one...=b
by chyo name October 07, 2007
a person who is stupid, mean, or just kind of geeky. it has many meanings, and it, like, changes definition where and when you use it.
see geek
1) You're such a dork. Go annoy someone else.
2) Stop being mean too me! You're such a freaking dork!
3) me to garrett: you've never read harry potter? you're such a dork!
brad: hes the only one here who HASN'T read harry potter, and you're calling him a dork?? (we're all a bunch of geeks)
by allie April 20, 2004
An individual who is typically a little off-beat. Often characterized by glasses, annoying laughs, rather un-entertaining jokes, and obsessions with games like "War Craft" and/or any other p.c. or system video games.
"Man, your brother is such a dork, all he does is sit in his room and play on the computer."
by Kristen December 01, 2003
dynamic oreo rockin king
Natally is definately the biggest dork in the world!
by cracker jack sam January 23, 2007
A person who does not know how to open doors and is a little slow in the head
Katherine Luong is a dork
by monkeyxo5 April 17, 2005
Word overused by UrbanCinderella, who is teh queen of dorks, and the biggest one alive.
1. UC, you dork.
2. UC is a dork!!
3. UC is the dork queen. Bow down.
by Nobody December 25, 2004
A cool person whos only slightly loserish.
I'm a dork. But I'm fuckin cool!
by Rook November 08, 2003
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