Madonna, in any city that is not New York.
"I don't like cities, but I like New York/Other places make me feel like a dork." -"I Love New York", Madonna
by Rikc November 08, 2005
A dork is someone who is looked down upon by the "cool crowd" when in reality the dorks are the real "cool crowd." Dorks are good people who are intelligent, witty, play video games Final Fantasy!, and they tend to be engineers.
Because I am an engineer major, I accept that I am a dork and I will be around dorks for the rest of my life.
by L-diddy May 14, 2004
An annoying nerd who thinks he's/she's all that but has no life.
Look at that dork using that computer.
by Speedfreak January 01, 2004
really cool...strange...different people not to be confused with 'nerds' 'geeks' or 'geniouses'
2 am kayla tripped up stairs c/ she was drunk

what a dork
by Anonymous May 03, 2003
a nickname for some1 who kisses really well
he is such a dork. i could kiss him all night
by summer_rain March 25, 2006
noun - you; your friends.
Go find a mirror, dork. Better yet, turn off your computer and go get a life.
by atwavirus August 21, 2005
Frankh = Dork.
by Anonymous May 29, 2003

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