DORK-- retardedly silly goofy- funny faces and noises and not caring...and then the few true dorks that are out there know exactly where you are coming matter how old you are
Im a huge dork and am proud. 36 years old...part of Im a huge dork and am proud. 36 years old...part of the "popular" group but was the cool chubby chick that all the guys could hang and drink with...lost a lot of weight in my 20's and supposedly was considered hot, but I never though so...more confidence with my rolls and long hair... ok, so i love to be silly, retarded (don't get offended I've worked with mentally challenged kids my entire life and they have made a world of difference in my life--but story for another put yourself out there as crazy as it may sound or look like and not even trying or caring....dork
by deb dog February 25, 2007
dork (n.) - A person capable of a full range of normal human social
interaction but secretly harboring the desire to become a Dwarf and spend
his/her life in the pursuit of the Dragon who stole his/her magical ale
My roommates seemed totally normal until I came home from
work early one day and caught them playing Dungeons & Dragons on the kitchen
table. Who would have guessed they were fucking dorks?
by Bob April 12, 2005
Not to be confused with dweeb or nerd (sub classe). Dorks are people who have an exclusive accidemic hobby and are socialy inept.
Ork-Dork: exclusively orchestra
Band-Dork: exclusively band
Nerd: exclusively computer
Art Dork: exclusively art
by Jim March 05, 2005
A dork is someone who farts in the bathtub and watches the bubbles come up.
Oh gross! What a dork! Get out of here!
by bjork March 03, 2005
(n) is the politically correct term for a person(s) who revise up definitions for the word dork
I saw a dork's definition for dork on that website
by Bandit November 27, 2003
anyone alienated from society for being an individual,i.e., derrogatory term used to describe someone or anyone who uses the term " i.e, "
I am a dork, i.e., not afraid to be myself no matter what anyone thinks. Plus I'm 6'2" 225 and can kick your ass!
by Christian June 25, 2003
A word only used by dorks. Used as a general insult, or sometimes as an incorrect synonym for nerd or geek
"Haha, that dork still says dork. What a dork... Why are you looking at me like that??"
by IkeM October 11, 2003

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