A meat substitute.
Logan's weener is small... so he used a dork on his girlfriend.
by Linguisticator August 26, 2009
When a man has an erect penis that curves substantially.
Dude, that guy has such a dork!
by Evan1757 April 16, 2008
porking a woman, inserting penis into vagina, having relations
elmer likes to dork his momma
by lukefairs April 03, 2008
A goofy but very attractive person. Dorks are commonly seen wearing glass and pocket protectors.
Casey is one hell of a dork.
by Johnnymeowmeowmeow January 05, 2008
Can be used to describe a whale penis.
hey liz look at that giant dork, which i am not. it is the penis of a whale. and you are a cunt
by Phat T May 24, 2006
a cool nerd or geek or freak
im such a friggen dork!
by Jessica September 24, 2003
Kevin Houle, I'm intelligent, silly, goofy yet women all want me! Don't try to fight it women...my powers are far to strong for you and can’t win! And if that doesn't work...Let me introduce you to my dog Scooter which I bought to get HOT chicks!
Kevin Houle is suck a DORK it's dam sexy!
by dorkkevin January 07, 2010
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