Someone who wastes vast amounts of time explaining the subtle (and irrelevant) differences between dork, geek, nerd, and anything else they have been labeled so they can feel slightly better about themselves.
This page is FULL of dorks.
by Garm Bel Iblis March 16, 2006
A dork is a person who farts in the bathtub and watches the bubbles come up.
Ewww! Stop that Marco, you're such a dork!
by Uncle Andrew March 24, 2005
a cool nerd or geek or freak
im such a friggen dork!
by Jessica September 24, 2003
Kevin Houle, I'm intelligent, silly, goofy yet women all want me! Don't try to fight it powers are far to strong for you and can’t win! And if that doesn't work...Let me introduce you to my dog Scooter which I bought to get HOT chicks!
Kevin Houle is suck a DORK it's dam sexy!
by dorkkevin January 07, 2010
a whale's penis...or a jerk
"that guy is a Dork"
by cuban_chik May 06, 2005
1.(n) a derogatory term of affection when dealing with a sibling or a friend who you think is being silly.
2.(n) anyone who uses cuss words in dictionaries like this.
1. I love my best friend, but she can be a real dork sometimes.
2. you dorks, get a LIFE!
by Bradleigh June 29, 2003
A class of person who has no concern for the world's opinion of him, and therefore does as he feels when he likes; typically this involves dancing in public, gleefully being the punchline of jokes, or any other action which is usually embarassing to more restrained persons.
Bumptious Q. Bangwhistle began to Jitterbug in the courtyard in exchange for candy; the other youngsters laughed and pronounced Bumptious a teriffic dork.
by Petus October 30, 2005

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