Along with other things,a dork is not always someone who is intelligent.Dorks can be,and many times are,quite stupid.Their fashion sense is usually not something to be proud of,they do stupid things to get people like them.Dorks may or may not be cute and may not always provide good company.They may also develop strange,nearly-obsessive interest in mundane things but usually not to the extent that nerds and geeks do.Under no circumstances whatsoever is this word to be confused with nerd or geekThis word is not usually used as a compliment,although it has been found that most dorks are generally good of heart.
Basically,in highschool they're not the popular kids.They're not even the ok-sort of kids.
I can't believe he likes those,my brother is such a dork!
You can be such a dork,you know that?
I used to know a girl who was a big dork.Felt sorry for her sometimes.
I think dorks are...cute.Well,I do!
by F.A January 08, 2006
Someone that, no matter how many disses they get from people in this room making definitions of them, are actually getting more chicks then everyone these days. And let's face it people, we're all dorks inside. We all want to be ourselves but we can't. But it seems like we don't even know what to consider a dork nowadays. So let's just call all the losers nerds or geeks...or better yet losers.
Jock #1: Dude, we can't let those dork fags take our girls. It's like a freaking dork revolution!

Jock #2: I know man. We can't let them. So let's just continue to get other chicks who are hotter and make them jealous.

Cool Jock: Like who else? All the actually hot and cool chicks are gone. I mean, their's always a couple of really hot chicks but they're all sluts/ dumbasses/ so not fun...

Random Faggish kid whose popular because of a corrupted society: Fuck that shit dude...i just wanna get wasted again

Cool Jock: You do that....I'm gonna go hang out with some of those dudes.

All the jocks: But they're like....

Cool Jock: Cool and not corrupted and really dumbasses like most of us? I know. Later.
by Xtreme Chri$$ March 31, 2005
A dork is a person who farts in the bathtub and watches the bubbles come up.
Ewww! Stop that Marco, you're such a dork!
by Uncle Andrew March 24, 2005
Dork was orignally (old 20th century slang term) meant as a reference to a penis. It has since come to mean a nerd.
Rats! I got my dork caught in my zipper!

He's such a dork! His glasses are held together with duct tape!
by Smokey March 03, 2005
Someone who farts in the bath tub and eats the bubbles.
I walked into the bathroom and there that dork was.
by k-pog July 13, 2004
Someone who acts extremely immature either because they seek attention, to have fun, or because they don't care what others think of them.
Dorks are so annoying.
by Dan June 25, 2004
This word is an acronym for disciple of a risen king, referring to Jesus.
That girl must be a d.o.r.k.; you can tell by how she lives her life.
by d.o.r.k. February 06, 2010
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