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A person who makes jokes that noone laughs at but them.
That Australian guy Adam who put too much sunscreen on his face looked like a fucken dork.
by Jim November 26, 2002
One who is socially outcast either due to ineptness, idiosyncratic interests, or behavior. That's it. However, there are a few subcateogires.

1. One who does not realize they are doing anything wrong due to ignorance about social conventions. This person might want to be accepted but does not know how to become so. This variety is the most likely to suffer from bullying.

2. One who realizes they are not always accepted by peers because of varying reasons, such as an "unpopular' interest or a refusal to accept social norms. In other words, they forsake acceptance for individuality. These are most likely to be a part of one the various sub-cultures.

3. One who realizes they are not behaving in a socially acceptable manner but choose to go with it anyway because they think the "correct" manner is stupid. Most likely to be a jerk.
Example 1:
"I wish I had more friends. I just find social conventions to be difficult to understand. Woe is me."

Example 2:
"I could be with the cool kids, but at what cost? I'd rather be ostracized as a dork than have to give up my goth-y exterior. It's who I am."

Example 3:
...Nothing really is as good an example as Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, is there? Just look him up.
by Mr. ZAP February 13, 2011
When a man has an erect penis that curves substantially.
Dude, that guy has such a dork!
by Evan1757 April 16, 2008
porking a woman, inserting penis into vagina, having relations
elmer likes to dork his momma
by lukefairs April 03, 2008
Can be used to describe a whale penis.
hey liz look at that giant dork, which i am not. it is the penis of a whale. and you are a cunt
by Phat T May 24, 2006
Someone who wastes vast amounts of time explaining the subtle (and irrelevant) differences between dork, geek, nerd, and anything else they have been labeled so they can feel slightly better about themselves.
This page is FULL of dorks.
by Garm Bel Iblis March 16, 2006
Someone who farts in the bath tub and eats the bubbles.
I walked into the bathroom and there that dork was.
by k-pog July 13, 2004