A masculine being that imitates the life and/ or lifestyle of other beings; may also threaten the being who's being imitated's life and/ or lifestyle mentally, verbally, and/ or physically if that being has shown any sign that he or she has any will, want, desire, need, and/ or etc. to continue living and/ or to proceed with the lifestyle being imitated.
"Paul is such a dork, Gene..!," Sheila exclaimed. "Do you think he's still crazy about his ex- girlfriend, or the fact that his ex- girlfriend dumped him like Blackstreet baggin' it up like a trash truck.?! He's been threatening her new man with shovels and axes about their relationship, claiming "That's the way I live..!" and "LET THAT BE MEEE..!!!" I think they oughta' call downtown and get LAPD.!! What do you think?!"
by Oloj' 'Dre December 30, 2011
someone who doesn't know what they're doing in life and attempts to use star wars references in every day life.
teacher: what's the answer to my question?

student 1: (waves hand) this is not the student you are looking for...

student 2: man what a dork
by mofo12678 July 26, 2011
One who is socially outcast either due to ineptness, idiosyncratic interests, or behavior. That's it. However, there are a few subcateogires.

1. One who does not realize they are doing anything wrong due to ignorance about social conventions. This person might want to be accepted but does not know how to become so. This variety is the most likely to suffer from bullying.

2. One who realizes they are not always accepted by peers because of varying reasons, such as an "unpopular' interest or a refusal to accept social norms. In other words, they forsake acceptance for individuality. These are most likely to be a part of one the various sub-cultures.

3. One who realizes they are not behaving in a socially acceptable manner but choose to go with it anyway because they think the "correct" manner is stupid. Most likely to be a jerk.
Example 1:
"I wish I had more friends. I just find social conventions to be difficult to understand. Woe is me."

Example 2:
"I could be with the cool kids, but at what cost? I'd rather be ostracized as a dork than have to give up my goth-y exterior. It's who I am."

Example 3:
...Nothing really is as good an example as Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, is there? Just look him up.
by Mr. ZAP February 13, 2011

-a short white man that dresses up as a power ranger and fights with Japanese/Korean/Chinese/Taiwanese women.
Tammy- That Zach, he's such a dork.
Angie- Yeah but he looks so cute in that pink ranger outfit. Look at his tights!
Tammy- Too bad that Japanese lady's kickin his ass.
Angie- At least it's a cute ass.
by Ambiguosity77 June 26, 2010
1. A whale penis.

2. A person who bothers or annoys other people.
1. That dork looks hungry :D
2. Fuck, I wish that dork would just leave me alone.
by HeyCutie(: April 01, 2010
Someone who is generally annoying and usually socially awkward,unlike nerds or geeks they are not usually very smart and tend to be lazy. they are the ones who talk loudly on strange and often uncomfortable subjects to anyone they believe to be friends with in public areas, subjects include sex,drugs,homosexuality,porn,beast-ism,and bodily fluids. this may lead anyone watching this person talk to you to automatically assume you are also a dork.They also tend to do strange things for public attention such as shave their eyebrows,die their hair a very vibrant shade of red or blue,and do other various odd things to bother people.they don't tend to have long term relationships and can tend to be on and of with skanky desperate women.they can be spotted wearing often cheap unwashed clothing and tend to lack personal hygiene,not wearing deodorant, greasy unwashed hair don't wash their hands etc.
bob:"dude what the hell is ed doing with that trash can?"

Steve:"um he said something to me about dropping his pickle jar in it and that he needed to get it out."

bob:"wtf does he need that for?"

Steve:"idk i didn't ask i just kinda wanted to get away from him, he sells like sh** and looks like he slabbed bacon grease in his hair."

bob:"yeah no sh**, why the hell is veronica dating him anyway?"

Steve:shes a skank...

bob:"man that kid is a dork."
by jar of nails and vinigar November 27, 2009
Someone who is brilliant (or thinks/acts like they are), wants to reach out and make friends (but they don't always know how), and has so many conflicting, intense thoughts that they end up being completely misunderstood by the rest of the community.

A dork thinks their glasses make them look pretty darn sharp, but sometimes they'd kill to ditch them for a day and just be normal. Of course, they wouldn't tell you that. A dork doesn't want to seem self-conscious, and tries to accept their own dorkiness in the hopes that everyone else will. A dork wants to do something great with their life, but feels limited by time, space, and stereotypes.

Deep down, a dork is just a normal kid with a ginourmous IQ who just wants to be accepted as the eerily smart kid that they are.
Dork: The short guy with glasses who took calculus as a freshman in high school.
by hazelwithcontacts June 05, 2009
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