A person who is obsessed with their image (whether it's trying to be a nerd or a hipster) and comes off as socially awkward and violent. Pretends to be smart but is actually failing all their tests. Or pretends to be stupid, but is actually a genius except they're failing all their tests on purpose. If not in school, they are probably pretending to have a job and a band and a life but are actually living in their parents' house and surviving off of thai food and crappy video games from the 90s. Basically, somebody who is trying to be something they're not and are socially excluded because of that.
Dork 1: Hey, I got 100% on my math test! Damn it, I'm such a nerd.
Dork 2: Dude, you cheated off my paper. I'm smarter than you. You can see from my glasses.
Dork 1: But they don't have any lenses.
Dork 2: How about a game of Viva Piñata?
by intellectuals read vogue March 30, 2009
someone who farts in the bathtub and bites the bubbles!
your a dork!
by xquizitblue March 14, 2009
No longer the definition for whale penis. It is now Anthony Hunter.
Anthony is such a DORK!
by seung li August 28, 2008
1.the people tht took the time to write all of the definitions before me.
2. people that really care about spelling outside of school.
3. the kid who nevver abbreviates in a text message.
1. The other people are such dorks for writing so many definitions.

2.That kid correcting the spelling in that graffeti is such a dork.

3. talk to you later instead of ttyl
by ThatOneManInTheCorner2 August 28, 2008
Dork is known as a whale penis, but has been adapted to mean that someone has a larger than average penis
Man...Terri said i wore her out! I thought she said she rode dorks!
by BlaccHawk {MGM Kr3W!} July 25, 2008
Circa 1964, Midwest USA

This name became a monikor for several young men, in highschool, who were sexually associated with a certain young girl, in the same time period, whose last name rhymed with dork. Because this young girl chose only this group of young, handsome, sexy men to share her affection with, these studs became known as "Dorks."

It latter took on another angle when one of your buddies might ask you where you were last night, to which you might reply, "Dorking".
by Eighthehardway July 24, 2008
1. The word dork to a girl is a guy who is slighty nerdy and geeky, though they are also adorable and some what charming and cute. Being a dork doesn't mean your uncool, though just not popular.

2. The word dork(ette) to a guy is a guy/girl who is clumsy and uncordinated. Also who might be slightly nerdy, though not entirely or they might be a loser.

3. In general a dork(ette) is one who isn't afraid of what people think about them.
1. Ginger: Hey Laura, look it's that new kid David.
Laura: He's not hot, though he is kinda cute and nice.
Ginger: I talked to him in Math Class, he's kind of a dork.

2. David: Josh, what do you think about Kirsten?
Josh: She's a 5, I heard she sucked at soccer tryouts.
David: She's really smart, and I think she's cute even
if she's a dorkette.

3. Brandy: I can't believe Andy mooned Ms. Jones and the whole student body in the school pakinglot.
Sabrina: Well he is a dork, of course he doesn't care what he does.
by Kenge August 04, 2007

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