This word is an acronym for disciple of a risen king, referring to Jesus.
That girl must be a d.o.r.k.; you can tell by how she lives her life.
by d.o.r.k. February 06, 2010
A dork is someone who enjoys Sci-Fi, Midevail Fantasy, Gaming, ect, ect.
He is an excellent Gamer.... is he a dork?
by InternetGeek96 January 22, 2010
Someone who is generally annoying and usually socially awkward,unlike nerds or geeks they are not usually very smart and tend to be lazy. they are the ones who talk loudly on strange and often uncomfortable subjects to anyone they believe to be friends with in public areas, subjects include sex,drugs,homosexuality,porn,beast-ism,and bodily fluids. this may lead anyone watching this person talk to you to automatically assume you are also a dork.They also tend to do strange things for public attention such as shave their eyebrows,die their hair a very vibrant shade of red or blue,and do other various odd things to bother people.they don't tend to have long term relationships and can tend to be on and of with skanky desperate women.they can be spotted wearing often cheap unwashed clothing and tend to lack personal hygiene,not wearing deodorant, greasy unwashed hair don't wash their hands etc.
bob:"dude what the hell is ed doing with that trash can?"

Steve:"um he said something to me about dropping his pickle jar in it and that he needed to get it out."

bob:"wtf does he need that for?"

Steve:"idk i didn't ask i just kinda wanted to get away from him, he sells like sh** and looks like he slabbed bacon grease in his hair."

bob:"yeah no sh**, why the hell is veronica dating him anyway?"

Steve:shes a skank...

bob:"man that kid is a dork."
by jar of nails and vinigar November 27, 2009
A meat substitute.
Logan's weener is small... so he used a dork on his girlfriend.
by Linguisticator August 26, 2009
A person who is obsessed with their image (whether it's trying to be a nerd or a hipster) and comes off as socially awkward and violent. Pretends to be smart but is actually failing all their tests. Or pretends to be stupid, but is actually a genius except they're failing all their tests on purpose. If not in school, they are probably pretending to have a job and a band and a life but are actually living in their parents' house and surviving off of thai food and crappy video games from the 90s. Basically, somebody who is trying to be something they're not and are socially excluded because of that.
Dork 1: Hey, I got 100% on my math test! Damn it, I'm such a nerd.
Dork 2: Dude, you cheated off my paper. I'm smarter than you. You can see from my glasses.
Dork 1: But they don't have any lenses.
Dork 2: How about a game of Viva Piñata?
by intellectuals read vogue March 30, 2009
someone who farts in the bathtub and bites the bubbles!
your a dork!
by xquizitblue March 14, 2009
1: A loser,nerd,geek.
2: A penis head.
Dick cheny is such a Dork!
by mec567 January 07, 2009

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