Person that isn't necessarily smarter than most people, but is abnormally bad at sports and social interaction. The state of being a dork may very well be part of the individual's personality, or just a temporary lapsus.
He can't play football, he's such a dork.

That girl just dropped her book on my foot, what a dork.
by FGG October 19, 2006
a hot ass girl that is really goofy and hilarious. She can get lost sometimes but is really cute. She is loved by her boyfriend alot!
"I was telling her analogies and she said "stop telling me all these analysises""
"te heheh"
"what a DORK!"
by marco...POLO!!! May 01, 2006
Someone who tries to write a serious definition on Urban Dictionary.
"2. wiccan link send redefine 20 up, 4 down
A follower of the neo-pagan religion wicca. Wiccans are polytheistic nature worshippers. They worship a 'moon' goddess and horned god. They observe 8 sabbats, Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Midsummer, Beltane, Mabon and Lammas. They are based off of seasonal changes and harvests which also repersent changes in their god and goddess.

Wiccans are not evil, and generally do not do 'bad' magic, they follow the rule of three (Belief that what ever you do comes back to you three times as bad or good depending on what it was you did).

In some respects Wicca is a old religion, as it is the revival of religions that perished when Christianity was spread like a plague through out europe, but wicca as we know it now didn't show up until the nineteen-hundreds.
Wiccans are followers of Wicca."

"Ohohoh, what a dork."
by Al Qahhaar January 14, 2006
a kid that sits in tub and farts and then tries to bite the bubbles
you see that kid is a real dork
by the man December 07, 2004
a chimera or hybrid of two mammal species
the result of a mating between a dog and a pig (pork) is a "dork."
by ahab the A-rab April 23, 2003
Someone who is stupid and has no friends. Often confused with nerd and geek, a dork is someone who is not only stupid but is very lonely and friendless.

Don't be mean to dorks
Poor Stefan, that guy is a dork, we should be his friends
by trangset May 28, 2012
A masculine being that imitates the life and/ or lifestyle of other beings; may also threaten the being who's being imitated's life and/ or lifestyle mentally, verbally, and/ or physically if that being has shown any sign that he or she has any will, want, desire, need, and/ or etc. to continue living and/ or to proceed with the lifestyle being imitated.
"Paul is such a dork, Gene..!," Sheila exclaimed. "Do you think he's still crazy about his ex- girlfriend, or the fact that his ex- girlfriend dumped him like Blackstreet baggin' it up like a trash truck.?! He's been threatening her new man with shovels and axes about their relationship, claiming "That's the way I live..!" and "LET THAT BE MEEE..!!!" I think they oughta' call downtown and get LAPD.!! What do you think?!"
by Oloj' 'Dre December 30, 2011

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