DORK-- retardedly silly goofy- funny faces and noises and not caring...and then the few true dorks that are out there know exactly where you are coming matter how old you are
Im a huge dork and am proud. 36 years old...part of Im a huge dork and am proud. 36 years old...part of the "popular" group but was the cool chubby chick that all the guys could hang and drink with...lost a lot of weight in my 20's and supposedly was considered hot, but I never though so...more confidence with my rolls and long hair... ok, so i love to be silly, retarded (don't get offended I've worked with mentally challenged kids my entire life and they have made a world of difference in my life--but story for another put yourself out there as crazy as it may sound or look like and not even trying or caring....dork
by deb dog February 25, 2007
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Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times. A dork is also someone who can be themselves and not care what anyone thinks.
You are such a dork.
by Blah November 19, 2003
Someone who sits around, writing the 500th definition for a word in the Urban Dictionary, as if anyone will ever read them all.
I'm such a dork for writing this.
by rfxvfghtjnjrm June 02, 2005
(n)a whale penis
The blue whale has the biggest dork on earth
by Anonymous February 14, 2003
someone who does things that are kinda silly and not neccessarily cool but always cute
He's such a dork. I love dorks.
by Kendra January 31, 2004
An individual who exhibit the following characteristics:
- Funny in their own way
- Has some odd personality or unique way of thinking
- Can be themselves
Examples of real-life dorks: terbear, lains, etc..
by nyumnyum November 25, 2013
If a girl calls a guy dork she thinks your cute. If a guy calls another guy a dork he thinks your a loser.
guy: *harmless comment*
girl: "is that a fat joke?!"
guy: 'WHAT?! NO!"
girl: "Im kidding!; your a dork"
by thatexplainsEVERYTHING November 10, 2012
Literally the coolest type of people in the world. Everyone is a dork in some way or another.
Jocks are just sport dorks.
by YTDORK July 27, 2013
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