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When one endulges one large 20% extra free bag of doritos du to a severe case of the munchies after a Sunday evening marijuana blunt resulting in a severe stomach ach upon waking the next morning. And in some cases sudden death.
Oh shit, i had the craziest Dorito hangover this morning then i died.
by SHAKEzullaaa October 08, 2009
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When for any reason one eats almost all of a bag of Doritos they will then feel the guilt of {binging}, accompanied by the feelings of nausea and abdominal discomfort along with a severe case of {Death Breath} several hours after the consumption. The hangover resembles that of an alcohol {hangover} without {the spins}. Often four letter words like "DIET" will trigger one to binge eat Doritos resulting in the Hangover aftermath. Other triggers include alcohol or drug consumption or a poor attempt to get over an emotional crisis.
I have a Dorito Hangover, don't ask!
by RevJD July 07, 2014

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