A loud laugh; almost like a yelp, but not as severe. A laugh that bursts out and sounds like a bizarre form of a battle cry. The kind of laugh that makes other people laugh just because it is so loud and silly sounding.
Mike: Dude, did you see that onion booty over there?
Damien: No, what about her?
Mike: She has a hella dorie. Its hilarious.
by Huntz April 03, 2009
Top Definition
1) Originally a pet form of Dorothy.

2) A wonderful, strong, and independent young women. She is fun to be around and will do anything for her friends.
Dorie is the greatest person!
by LilyLi January 15, 2011
The hottest,prettiest,sweetest girl around. Dorie is a rare name so she must be a keeper! She's got the best of everything. She can play sports and fish and hunt, yet she can get dressed up and be a sweet fun loving girl. She likes to joke around and is the best friend and girlfriend you could have! If you meet a dorie you better keep her and hold on to her. She also is an amazing kisser as a bonus.
Guy 1: Have you met dorie yet? GUY 2: no but I heard she's amazing Guy 1: yeah she really knows how to have a good time
by rankled arnolddd February 04, 2013
Amazing, funny, loving, a person who likes to thrust while walking, likes to dance like a foo, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FINDING NEMO however that was a good show! Lets see if you can remeber the swimming song "what do we swim, swim, swim" Now remeber kids every one love fruit roll-ups!

A thrusting action while walking.
C'mon lets do The " dorie " Bitch! YAy the dorie. Spermz
by asdfadfasf February 11, 2009
Often known as a retard, wall licking, yapping freak that doesnt know when to shut up. Often talks to wind and walls. Doesnt like males. Finds everyday life very hard. Very forgetful but will always be around to snuggle under the covers. =)
He is such a dorie when he is high
by Nikki & Brittany January 30, 2009
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