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meaning that something or somebody is wrong.
Background: On the popular hit tv show, Scrubs, Dr. Perry Cox always expresses that John Dorian (J.D.) is always wrong. Cox got tired of saying wrong to J.D, so he decided to use J.D.'s last name, Dorian, to say that someone is wrong.
You're so Dorian.
Thats Dorian.
Dorian, Please try again.
Thats Extremely Dorian.
by daniel2744 February 11, 2007
84 123
A kid that chills and hangout with friends. Usually dorians like to eat and has many friends. They can be shy at times and also be hyper.They are extremely cool,nice,
smart, and sexy people. dorians know how to make people laugh and everyone loves them.
girl 1: OMG u see them guys over there?!?!
girl 1: OMGGG! dorians r the sexyiest thing alive!
by kobayashi123 August 29, 2008
535 162
A term used for someone real. These people are not afraid to be themselves.These people usually don't care to talk much if it is not about money. They also don't care what others think or say. These people are mainly about their money and usually avoid bullshit (something Dorians are known to be allergic to). They are extremely cool people but, usually don't have many friends. Sometimes violent.
Female: " I like dat niggah swag, he so Dorian."
by Roscoe P. April 27, 2008
218 152
Dorian is another name to describe the spike fruit durian. Dorians are known and revered in southeast Asia as the "king of fruits". The dorian is known for its large size, unique odor, and formidable golden thorn-covered husk. The fruit can grow as large as 30 centimeters (12 in) long and 15 centimeters (6 in) in diameter. Damn that shit is crazy!
X: Dorian is the king of fruits.
O: Dorians are huge!!!
X: Dorian smells like shit!
O: Dorian has scary golden spikes!
X: Dorians are 12inches long!!
O: Dorians are 6inches wide!!
X: Damn!! Dorian is the superior fruit!
by KingofFruits January 23, 2011
103 55
n. A mode starting on the second degree of a scale.
D Dorian would be a D scale in the key of C.
by mcskizz September 30, 2009
79 59
Citadel of Upper East Side / New York prep. Need Ivy League or small New England liberal arts degree for entrance. A real shithole, but people keep coming back.
Was at Dorian's last night and ran into all my friends from Collegiate.
by Rocking Rufus November 28, 2003
24 8

Origin: "Scrubs" Western live action show featuring John Dorian, a character who is wrong so much that his boss refers to being wrong as being dorian.
Choosing to miss out on your wife's ultrasound is just plain dorian!
by the sad truth October 28, 2012
29 25
To be devoid of Common Sense.
Stop being a Dorian and think before you act.
by SuperRoadkillfail September 04, 2009
66 88