Name for someone who is of a 'slightly slow' nature.

(of South African Origin)
Bless her, it's not really all her fault keep in mind she is dorcas!
by Moose Knowles October 08, 2007
Top Definition
Arguably the worst name in the English language.
Hey have you seen Dorcas around lately? I've got a hankerin' to do some puncherin'

Hey Dorcas . . . you suck.

Hey Mr. and Mrs. X. Why the fuck did you name your daughter Dorcas? *punch*
by DorcasPuncher May 20, 2014
a person characterized by a gazelle. beautiful and smart. not someone slow.
Damn.... did you see Dorcas. She got an A on that math final and she still looks smoking.
by francas March 26, 2011
An amazing woman in the Christian Bible who did good to everyone and when she died she was resurrected by one of JESUS' disciples.

An amazing girl, who is extremely beautiful and hot.
A very smart girl.
wow! that girl is so good, i bet here name is Dorcas.

Look at the beauty of that chick, she must be a Dorcas.

Dorcas is the smartest girl in school and she still looks hot.

Is that girl called Dorcas? i bet she is, her kindness and beauty is extraordinary .
by donina January 17, 2012
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