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When a chick with a really long clit uses it to pick a guys nose while he eats her out.
"Listen brah, that chick you hooked up last night was definitely a tranny."
"Nah, Bro - she just had a long clit. She gave me a 'Dora the Explorer' while I ate her out and now I feel like I can breathe freely again, it was really good for my sinuses"

"Last night I was eating out this chick with a huge clit and she got a huge booger on it. Guess she shouldn't have tried to go all 'Dora the Explorer' on me"
by beardfacer January 30, 2012
2 13
An explorer named Dora off the popular pre-school show "Dora the Explorer"
"Hi! I'm Dora! And this is my friend Boots!!!!!!!1111111111111111"
by Gwen Stefani Grrl October 06, 2003
33 115
The lovaeble character from the childrens show "Dora The Explorer".A 7 year old latino girl with her friend boots the monkey, teach kids spanish and cognitive abilities. Show rated for preschoolers. For a less intelligent definition see "dora".
"Alcanza Las Estrellas"
by Menchi September 21, 2004
61 192