A term, normally defined as a nickname for "weed" or "heroin", also used to describe people who are clumsy and/or not so intelligent.
"My god, Tim is such a friggin' dope!"
"What a dope."
by Matt Gullstrand June 16, 2008
noun: heroin; heroin, & only heroin, is called dope.

adjective: cool, hot, the best
"She had to go to rehab because she was hooked on dope"
"My new truck is dope"
by Philly MILF August 10, 2007
really really good. Satisfying, great! You really like something
-Do you like my new shoes?
-Yeah, those are dope

by Deli September 19, 2005
A word used to describe a really boring soccer game. Is most likely used by "fans" who watch once every four years. Usually substitutes for words like "boring" "gay" and/or "stupid"
"That Brazil chile game was dope"
by Gny June 28, 2014
Acronym that many snipers use meaning Data On Personal Equipment ( lot number, temperature, wind speed/direction, humidity and altitude). Though not an official acronym, it is an invaluable training aid and helps make quick corrections.
"Fix your DOPE to elevate thirty degrees west"
by UnicornPony_69 May 27, 2014
Something that says some one or something is cool
That fuckin maybach is dope
by ninefive87 December 04, 2013
adj. moron, pickle, pablo, noob
-Hey man, did you see that stupid pickle?
-Yeaa, he's so dope like.
by purrpurr December 21, 2011

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