dope: unnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.... ummmmmmmmmm....unnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.... oh man, I forgot
Man, I got so doped up last night I forgot where I left my dope.
by Herb Mann May 21, 2003
Dope a Clan that plays Soldier of Fortune 2
Dope are dope.
by [Dope]SirRobHiFi July 30, 2003
Stop smoking dope and get to class!
by Bungalow Bill November 26, 2001
Yo, I dope that new El-P joint, it fucking sucks!
by hHi July 25, 2002
a certain genre in clothing, skateboards and rad stuff.
duuuude that board is dope!!
by Zombiesmitters May 18, 2015
something totes amaze
OM goodness these boots are dope D to the o p e dope!
by hugahusky March 27, 2015
As an adjective, dope describes something that is totally awesome
Hey bro, that pic of the lambo you took is dope
by Deadlydave March 09, 2015

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