dope: unnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.... ummmmmmmmmm....unnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.... oh man, I forgot
Man, I got so doped up last night I forgot where I left my dope.
by Herb Mann May 21, 2003
Dope a Clan that plays Soldier of Fortune 2
Dope are dope.
by [Dope]SirRobHiFi July 30, 2003
Stop smoking dope and get to class!
by Bungalow Bill November 26, 2001
Yo, I dope that new El-P joint, it fucking sucks!
by hHi July 25, 2002
A word that originally meant a stupid person or just dumb. People began using it to describe heroin because they believed it made you dumb, (its true), but now fuckers are using it describe something the think is cool.
Yo man your music is dope! (Which really means dumb)
by fuckbreast February 14, 2015

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