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any type of white drug, powder
or rocks
damn that was som good fuckin dope homie
by dope May 02, 2003
Anything that can be enhanced by smoking weed.

(Note: the action in question is most commonly cool already, but referring to it as "dope" means that it would be enhanced by smoking)

"The Phish concert was a dope show"

by Bob Clarkson December 04, 2007
cool, fun.
Man that party was Dope
by Anna Banana March 08, 2003
1. Term used for drugs of abuse, e.g. stimulants (cocaine, methamphetamine, Ritalin--"Kiddie Speed", etc.), opiates (heroin, OxyContin, etc.), dissociatives (PCP, ketamine--"Special K", DXM--"Robo"), cannibis, benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, etc). Probably originates from the dopey shit people do when they use large amounts of the above substances.

2. Cool, phat, bad, hip, hot, in, etc. Probably originates from the association of dope (drugs) with being cool and having a good time.
1. I'm seriously fiending for some good dope right now.

2. Damn, that girl looks dope!
by D0peM@n June 13, 2006
A word used for many different things from drugs to declaring something. Something that is "bad" or "awsome" used mostly in rap culture for drugs and saying something is cool.
drugs- meth, heroin, pot, and pcp

sayings- Man that ride is dope. That shits dope.
by anonymous- March 25, 2007
Any drug that you don't respect.
Square (In refrance to Pot): "Gee, golly! Don't you know they call it 'Dope' for a reason?"

Pot-head (In refrance to Coke): "Hey man, I ain't never ganna touch no Dope"

Coke-Head (In refrance to Heroin): "Man, that moron Jimmy is dippin' into that Dope again"
by Captain Hash August 23, 2006