What I Am And What Your Not
Kasey: Hi Im Kasey And Im Heck Of Dope
You: ok
by Kasey Fiiona September 01, 2008
anything that alters your mind - aka mind altering drugs
i just smoked some dope

you got any dope?

i'm so dopesick
by clayton g April 27, 2008
Dope is also referred to as ice. AKA Meth.
Hey man you got that dope?
I got some killer dope.
by Austin-AKA_the_Dope_Boy July 13, 2007
adjective: slang, used to describe how good something or someone is
"Yo man, I liked what you did onstage man, it was dope"
by noangel1987 September 19, 2009
cool,drugs,or other stupid stuff
that video game is dope!
by Haruhi Suzumiya September 01, 2009
drugs or something everybody wants
yo that shit is dope
by YouAlreadyNo April 29, 2009
Dope is the word your parents used for the stuff they used to smoke that they now use to describe you for also smoking it.
You're high, aren't you, you big dope?
by Challkhmc March 20, 2009

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