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To relieve ones fecal cavities. To take a huge crap.
Oh man, I just took a huge doozle!!
by Em Langley June 28, 2011
Another name for K2 incense.
"Dude did you get that doozle?"
"Yeah, lets smoke a bowl."
by BlueTurtle July 08, 2012
Michele: Did you do the doozle?
Nick: The doozle has been did.
by sasscat February 02, 2011
having to take a poop while reading a book which makes the time taking a poop longer.
Jordan had to go take a doozle during the football game and missed the second quarter of the game.
by kizzle911 October 09, 2011
a female version of poozle
lauren is gettin some major doozle tonight!
by nicole March 13, 2005