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One of The Greatest Emo Bands on the East Coast.
Hey, did you hear Doozer's new album yet?
by Streetsim January 19, 2004
A slang for vagina. Originated in Palm Valley Florida.
Man, she's got one gross doozer.
by TJDooz August 21, 2007
A Doozer is a cross between a dork and a looser. This word started from two teenage girls messing with words, and now their entire school says it. Though it should be spelled Dooser, since it is a slang term it's not.
"Renee you are such a doozer!"
by Nicoleycrap August 19, 2006
A person (usually a good friend) that does someone else's dirty work for them and/or tells someone bad news even though it isn't their responsiblity to tell them.
person 1: "tell him I want to break up."
person 2: "No way. You gotta do it yourself. I'm not going to be your doozer."
by sweet-sale.com September 10, 2003
a big stud
what a doozer
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
the space between the scrotum/labia and anus. also known as the taint
man 1: i had a really kinky date last night
man 2: really? did she chew your doozer?
by pmism April 25, 2006