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Funniest prank ever: Pee on someone's door or doorstep, than ding-dong-ditch and DIP THE FUCK OUTTA THERE!!
James: "Aye yo, you ready bro?"
Mike: "Yeah man, im ready!" *Whips it out, and pees all over door*
James: "Good Shit bro, Now ring the bell, and lets Dip the fuck outta here"
Mike: "Aight." *Rings bell, then jumps down staircase and dips the fuck outta there; with James at his side*
Old Faggot Hag: *opens door* "Who's there? Holy shit it smells like Piss! Oh, GODDAMN!" *closes door* "These fucking kids, keep DoorDaming my house!"
by JayTeeIsGee September 14, 2011
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