(variation of Dump) A violent odoured defecation leaving the next occupant of the lavatory in near asphyxiation or nauseous state
Ex1: "Oh man, I just went into the bathroom and someone took a total DOOMP in there, I'll just piss outside"

Ex2: "Buddy I totally just doomped the fuck outta the shitter here man, keep an eye out for the face of the next guy comin out."
by theGRUESOME January 30, 2009
Top Definition
A bowel movement, i.e., a "dump", in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.
The Scotsman took a doomp.

"I just unveigled meself of a giant doomp, I did," said the Irishman to the Welsh.
by NiraMillson March 13, 2009
A Digital-optical output mounted proxy.
Scientist: But first you need to take a DOOMP.
Cyborg Ninja: I... Wait, what?
Scientist: A DOOMP? A digital-optical output mounted proxy. You'll need one to interface with the terminal.
by Doktor 1.40 May 13, 2013
when something is super terrible or something is going terribly wrong it is 'DOOMP!'
Craig- Did you see that film last night, Jack?
Jack- Yeah it was Doomp!
by Happyhippo July 02, 2006

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