A dumb blond. A blond that is dumb. Someone of little or no intelligence. Someone who needs everything to be explained to them through diagrams. A person that doesn't understand the majority of jokes, therefore not finding them funny.
Chieu is so dooms. She keeps biting me and trying to get jiggy with a plastic deer.
by i.l. December 07, 2007
Doom, a word which was completely and utterly destroyed by a man named Jhonen Vasquez and his rabid fan babies.
See also moose
"OMG! Its teh spooky cheese of DOOM!"
by Roadkill Joe November 05, 2005
<n> shortened version of the word dumass, derived from the alternate pronunciation, doomass.
Zach, we'll see who the doom is when i become famous from an ingenious word creation.
by R-ne August 27, 2006
Often used hand in hand with a phrase such as "Squirely" "Cheese-tacular" or "Supreme, brain imploding"

People who say "Random" a lot liek this word. Because It's fun. Now fear me and my UBERLY-PWNING-MUFFIN-DOOM!
"I'm gonna kick your ass at Quake today, you'll be crying for your mamma"
by Jasmine November 28, 2004
The middle name of Christoph "Doom" Schneider, the drummer of the German band Rammstein -- Rammstein fur immer! He was born on May 11, 1966. Prefers to go by Doom or Schneider, and I use his name as my alias. :)
Doom, where ya been buddy?
by Schneider November 15, 2003
The strict opposite of poon to describe a particularly butters girl at a party or even walking down the street

It is the cornerstone of the excellent game 'poon or doom' which is essentially muttering poon or doom to everyone walking down the street with the inevitability they don't have a clue what you are on about
Man 1: "allow this party is bare doom man"
Man 2: "Just like your mum"
by Dr. Rolls February 17, 2008
something that is undefinable that has more that one meaning. Ultimately, Jon will never know what doom is.
dude, your soo doomed
by chickie5730 January 20, 2004
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