1.) Of delecate intellect

2.) A person who is described as: self-important, condecending, often and blatently incorrect, and generally a douchebag
A Dooley is someone who will treat those that they deem beneat them like crap, not listen to what they say, and then get angry when the information that he should have listend to was acctually pertinent to a problem.
by Whyt March 14, 2010
Meaning the most awesome of awesomes that there could ever be. The tippity top of excellence. Unsurpassable.
That is the most dooley stew I have ever tasted!
by the lost dog March 01, 2010
Something that is Awesome.
I heard what you said to that girl over there, That was so Dooley
by eDooley88 November 26, 2010
nice word to ease into adult speech for the male organ.. like doodle, could be a western australian specific term
was that his dooley?
by sammybells February 22, 2009
Drugs, Tabs, Buds, blotter, pills, hits
Me and Skeeter scored a couple dooleys
by Skeeeeeeter March 19, 2008
usually a irishmen who has irregulary small hands and in most cases, loves the W. Also he is to good at call of duty to have a normal social life. Also hates people from the lower tri state area specifically to scarsdale but yet lives in scarsdale
man hes such an dooley cock bag.
by the fantastic minister February 01, 2010
Dooley. (dew - lee), Verb. Similar to leech; a person who clings to another or mooches from another for personal gain, esp. without giving anything in return, and usually with the implication or effect of exhausting the other's resources; parasite

To leech, "borrow", mooch, scavenge or scrounge for substinense, usually food or consumables.
1. Because I came to work with no lunch, I dooleyed some food from the previous shift's leftovers. 2. I dooleyed the fuck out of Suman's cake. 3. He's always dooleying coke zero's from my fridge.
by William Fletcher September 08, 2008
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