An Asian who has the same bowl cut and glasses as Mandark from Dexter's Laboratory and screams 'Nigga' in black strangers' faces
Ah! He's such a "dookie".
by Rawr :] June 18, 2009
anything bad or crappy
This bio homework is a true dookie
by dakota sample February 16, 2008
Cannabis Sativa, aka weed. Undoubtedly the direct lexical ancestor of Greenday's "Dookie" LP title.
"I don't smoke blunts cause I'm frugal with my dookie." -MC Chris
by Pantheos April 02, 2005
An increasingly popular game of cards which is a variation on 7 card-stud poker, the primary difference being the addition of 4 wild cards called the "Dookie" cards. The Dookie cards are all the odd numbered Clubs: specifically the 3, 5, 7, and 9. The Dookie cards are always wild, no matter if they are dealt up or in
the hole.

Typically, in a heated round of dookie, when someone is dealt a Dookie card face up the other players will inevitably will begin to chant "Dookie, dookie, dookie."

If someone is dealt several "Dookie" cards in a row people will start to make comments like "uh oh, it looks like Fred is flushing Dookie!"

If, at the showdown, someone turns reveals that their hold cards contained Dookie, then there will be the inevitable comments about the player had been "sitting on pocket Dookie.”
"I can't believe I raised with my two jacks in the hole when you were sitting on pocket dookie the whole time!"
by 3579 Clubs November 16, 2004
While the word "dookie" has become derogatory slang, the word is actually a name:

1. A surname. Dookie is an English surname, having the same origins or being in reference to the title of Duke. It is derived from the latin word dux, which means leader. Variations of the name include Dukes, Dook, Dooke, Dookes,

2. The name of a town in Victoria, Austrialia.

3. The name of a University of Melbourne Campus.
"When did the Dookie family first arrive in Canada?"
"Dookie is a farming community"
"Dookie campus is transforming agriculture through education"
by 1e1even March 26, 2014
A very ugly girl with yellow stained teeth and is anorexic.
Man that girl's a Dookie.
by Quizatron829 February 27, 2010
Poop, term commonly used by African Americans
Hold up Yo, I gots to dookie
by chingylee November 18, 2004
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