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Gold or golden
"He wore the Dookie when we met Queen Elizabeth/Asked her was she jealous, she said 'A little bit'." - Ugly Duckling, from "I did it like this," see also "Eye on the Gold Chain"

"Dookie braids was a aid to the sex appeal" - Pharcyde from "oh shit"
by Giuseppe October 03, 2003
18 22

The antonym of "fiend"

To suck at something or to lack awesomeness.
Christian: Wow, the schools pizza is so dookie

Josie: I know, it's terrible
by Bagel_boy June 09, 2014
0 0
Poop, term commonly used by African Americans
Hold up Yo, I gots to dookie
by chingylee November 18, 2004
22 22
Any football helmet that has a facemask with a vertical bar right in between your eyes.
A: Did you hear what happened to John on equipment day?
B: Did he get shitty gear?
A: He got a dookie! hahahah
by imdoinme123 August 12, 2011
3 4
A very ugly girl with yellow stained teeth and is anorexic.
Man that girl's a Dookie.
by Quizatron829 February 27, 2010
5 6
Marijuana resin that builds up inside a smoking pipe.
Shit, I scraped my bowl for some dookie, smoked that shit, and got high as fuck.
by tylerrrrrrrr September 08, 2007
8 9
A piece of feces (aka poop, shit, drek)
The dog made a dookie on the rug
by Silent Jay March 18, 2003
16 16
when a black man takes a dump its often referred to as a dookie
black girl 1: dam gurl jus took a fat azz dookie u smell dat ??
black professor 1: ehh babe make em say ughh ughhhh naw naw naw naw.

"She proceeds to change her pants"
by goldfireee August 17, 2011
2 4