Green Day's debut album with Reprise Records. (They had released two already, but these were with the local label Lookout! Records.) The song Longview was the song that helped make them famous. The hits When I Come Around and Basket Case are also on the album. Dookie is a great album and my faves one the album are, hell, the whole album!
I have Dookie at home... it has a picture of Ernie from Sesame Street on the back. She and Pulling Teeth are awesome songs.
by Monique April 04, 2005
Marijuana resin that builds up inside a smoking pipe.
Shit, I scraped my bowl for some dookie, smoked that shit, and got high as fuck.
by tylerrrrrrrr September 08, 2007
Poop, term commonly used by African Americans
Hold up Yo, I gots to dookie
by chingylee November 18, 2004
A piece of feces (aka poop, shit, drek)
The dog made a dookie on the rug
by Silent Jay March 18, 2003

The antonym of "fiend"

To suck at something or to lack awesomeness.
Christian: Wow, the schools pizza is so dookie

Josie: I know, it's terrible
by Bagel_boy June 09, 2014
Dookie a word that replaces yes or ok .
Matthew "hey ollie u wanna go play frisbee golf later."

Ollie "Dookie"

Matthew "Dookie"
by supermarioman February 21, 2014
when a black man takes a dump its often referred to as a dookie
black girl 1: dam gurl jus took a fat azz dookie u smell dat ??
black professor 1: ehh babe make em say ughh ughhhh naw naw naw naw.

"She proceeds to change her pants"
by goldfireee August 17, 2011
Dookie comes from the mis-pronounced word "Deuce". Deuce means "two". Taking a deuce means taking a number two, or pooping. That is why people today call it "dookie"
Taking a Dook (Deuce) or dookie (deuce).
by Lord Baddkitty February 22, 2007

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