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Green Day's debut album with Reprise Records. (They had released two already, but these were with the local label Lookout! Records.) The song Longview was the song that helped make them famous. The hits When I Come Around and Basket Case are also on the album. Dookie is a great album and my faves one the album are, hell, the whole album!
I have Dookie at home... it has a picture of Ernie from Sesame Street on the back. She and Pulling Teeth are awesome songs.
by Monique April 04, 2005
green Day's best cd to date
dookie comes after kerplunk
by star.bubble.wrap.girl November 28, 2006
Dookie is a town in Victoria. Australia.

In 1859 the Dookie district was surveyed, taking in much of the Emu Plains pastoral run. Local lore has it that Mrs. Turnbull, wife of the station's proprietor, was so unhappy at the prospect of survey and possible farm subdivision that the surveyor suggested a place name derived from the Singhalese word duka, meaning sorrow. Mrs. Turnbull had lived in Ceylon. Duka was re-spelt Dookie.
Dookie was the name of my town long before the word had any other meaning or an album title.
by Harry May 08, 2004
The most awesome Green Day album.
d00d, Dookie is teh sw33t!!11!
by Jeffboy March 06, 2004
While the word "dookie" has become derogatory slang, the word is actually a name:

1. A surname. Dookie is an English surname, having the same origins or being in reference to the title of Duke. It is derived from the latin word dux, which means leader. Variations of the name include Dukes, Dook, Dooke, Dookes,

2. The name of a town in Victoria, Austrialia.

3. The name of a University of Melbourne Campus.
"When did the Dookie family first arrive in Canada?"
"Dookie is a farming community"
"Dookie campus is transforming agriculture through education"
by 1e1even March 26, 2014
Dutch word in the Frisian dialect meaning Dishcloth
I'm going to wipe up this spill, please pass me the dookie.
by Dutchgirl July 28, 2005
Cannabis Sativa, aka weed. Undoubtedly the direct lexical ancestor of Greenday's "Dookie" LP title.
"I don't smoke blunts cause I'm frugal with my dookie." -MC Chris
by Pantheos April 02, 2005
To poop:
I gotta go dookie
I have to use the bathroom
Going number two
by Nickylobes January 23, 2014