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Word that you frequently confuse with "duty," particularly when you hear it on radio and TV, that causes you to laugh.
Newscaster: "It was his third tour of doody."

Interviewer: "So how long did you sit on jury doody?"

Saloon Keeper: "Did your bullet kill him, sheriff?"
Sheriff: "It was my doody!"
by Creedmoor April 23, 2006
144 62
shit, caca, feces
by anonymous November 14, 2002
248 103
Eminems nickname from Proof
wow Doody, you can rap!
by Sydn3y September 10, 2010
68 38
Detroit slang term for a friend!
What's up doody!
It's that D on mine!
Fo' Show doody!
by Dtown Dirty Dozen May 24, 2009
81 56
Doo'dee poop
Dakota made a doody on the floor!
by nunna yobizness May 29, 2003
70 45
when you poo a lot after you have had exotic food
because of the mexican food i ate i have to make doodies
by billy regan January 27, 2005
31 16
Shepard Black: Yo ho, it's your duty to suck off the doody after getting a fuck in booty! Give me a clean dick after a mean stick! Throat like a goat!
by anonymous September 13, 2003
38 44