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Doody Balls happens when you wipe from back to front and shit residue collects on the back of your balls, which in turn creates balls that smell like doody.
I let this chick go down on me after taking a wicked crap and I had a foul case of doody balls.
#doody #balls #shit #ass #toilet #asshole #scrotum #splash #turd
by Plax January 29, 2008
The best balls in the world
Man, look at those doodyballs!!
#balls #awesome #amazing #ryan reynolds #poop
by donut_monster February 21, 2011
Sometimes while taking a shit, your penis touches the inside of a disease laden bowl. To avoid this it is necessary to push your penis and balls further into the toilet. Then you accidently shit on your balls.
The other day I used a public restroom, and I gave myself a severe case of Doody Balls. My balls smelled like shit for days.
#doodie balls #the brown dam #the goober #the goobers #the malted whopper
by Mr. Ricky's Neighborhood December 17, 2005
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